As a Facilities or Site Manager, it’s vital that you choose a contract cleaning company that will offer you a superior service at a competitive price… but knowing which company to choose isn’t straight forward.

Asking the questions below will lead you to a company that offers you the very best contract cleaning service:

  1. Do the Commercial Cleaning Company tendering for your contract have a solid track record of high standard of service and excellent referrals from its existing clients?
  2. Do this company have full-time employees or just subcontractors?
  3. Does this company train its employees according to the Health & Safety and COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health) regulations?
  4. Are their employees allowed to work in the UK?
  5. Do they pay their employees above the minimum wage and motivate them financially and morally in order to decrease staff turnover?
  6. Do they offer immediate replacement should one of the members of the team be off sick or on holiday?
  7. Do they measure the quality of services provided according to your expectations?

We, at Right Option Cleaning can absolutely say YES to all the above question and offer you a one stop shop when it comes to professional cleaning services.

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